Back Country Capital
You have spent years building your business. Are you worried about succession?
You have come to the right place.
BackCountry Capital is an entrepreneurial investment firm looking to purchase a middle market business.
We are looking to acquire and actively manage a privately held company and grow the business to its full potential. BackCountry Capital can provide owners an attractive exit opportunity while bringing growth capital and additional management expertise to the business, ensuring continuity to customers, employees and the community.
How we're different
BackCountry Capital allows owners to reap the benefits of liquidity while simultaneously positioning the business for long term success.
Operational View
We have a long-term operationally focused view. We are not interesting in “flipping” the company you have spent years to build.
Experienced Team
BackCountry Capital was founded by a talented entrepreneurial manager and has the backing of a number of seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners.
What we are looking for
BackCountry Capital is looking to purchase a majority or complete stake in a middle market company and actively manage the business.

We are looking for companies with the following characteristics:
  • $5 to $70 million of revenue
  • $2 to $10 million of annual earnings
  • Recurring revenue model
  • Strong middle management

Our approach to each investment opportunity is unique. We work closely with business owners to understand and achieve their individual objectives. A more thorough list of our criteria is here.
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